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we are a residential interior painting and plastering business

Peinture purcell is a residential interior painting and plastering business. Located in the West Island and serving the greater Montreal area. We strive to offer you quality finishes ,outstanding customer service , reliability, cleanliness and efficiency!

Caucasian Room Painter
1 %
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Interior Painting

We specialize in residential painting
⁃ Ceilings
⁃ Walls
⁃ Mouldings
⁃ Wainscoting
⁃ Baseboards
⁃ Doors
⁃ Risers
⁃ Kickers
⁃ Accented walls

High quality paints

Our Preferred Paint
Benjamin Moore
We offer a discounted paint rate with our contractor discount


We specialize in
⁃ Minor plastering
⁃ Drywall repairs
⁃ Hole filling
⁃ Crack repairs

Wallpaper removal

We specialize in
⁃ Removal of paper
⁃ Removal of glue
⁃ Washing of removal
⁃ Repairs from removal
⁃ Cleaning
⁃ Priming

Over 10 years of experience

Contractor discount provided to all our clients on our paint

Interior Painting

From one room to the next or to an entire house ceilings walls mouldings doors

Hand holding plastering tool house improvements. putting plaster on the wall with spatula


Drywall repairs nail holes & screw holes major or minor repairs flaking repair plastering


We take the necessary steps to provide a fine , professional finish for your project from paper and glue removal , washing , plastering and painting


Efficient and Affordable painting services

We are passionate about taking on your dream project, no job too small or big. We’re here to service your needs to make you feel at ease. 

Affordable Rates

Our rates are way more affordable than the competition

Superior Quality

We use only the top quality Benjamin Moore Paints to ensure customer satisfaction

Speed & Cleanliness

We ensure your project gets completed as quick as possible while keeping your home clean and tidy.

Green paint roller

We have 10 years of Experience

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